Press review 19-12-2023 Calabria editions


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Calabrian editions, edited by Salvatore De Maria. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today


Gioia Tauro, ETS wasn’t enough! Another sword of Damocles on the port
There is life after the demolished eco-monster. A large camper area in Melissa
‘Ndrangheta in the Vibonese area, we are moving towards a new maxi trial. Judgment requested for over 200 suspects


Catanzaro, Villa Sant’Anna towards bankruptcy
Petilia Policastro, no life sentence for Rosario Curcio. He was not the instigator of Massimo Vona’s murder
Limina in pieces, it’s time for fear. What if Anas had thought it right?
Healthcare, the infinite wait (and patience). The desolate picture of the structures in Reggio and its province
Cosenza, Amaco employees ready to block buses (at 11am)


Reggio, Sambatello landfill: work begins again. European funding “locked down”.
Gioia Tauro, the regional coordination No Rigass: “Consumption is down, why the regasification terminal?”
Wind farm, the mayor of Chiaravalle cuts it short: “Decisions at the right time”
Cutro, the heartfelt appeal of the workers: “The biomass power plant must be saved”


Reggio, violence and torture in prison? Interceptions to be transcribed
Food and restaurants, inflation in Cosenza bites especially at the table
Corigliano Rossano, 4 autonomies recovered. But the plan does not satisfy
Scalea, the antennas of discord cause controversy to explode


Provincial elections in Cosenza, Fuorivia gives up the race