Prodi evokes the Olive Tree: “Does the centre-left want to return to government? It must unite”


By John

«If 5 stars are not brought together, the Democratic Party and other reformist forces in government will never succeed. It was the experience of my life. They say that Italy is a right-wing country? But the point is that they are united and the others are disunited, they are not a majority in the country. Do you want to return to government? You have to unite. We need to put reformisms together. Instead it seems to be said, we lose anyway, so I save my life, I save my position….”

The former prime minister and former president of the European Commission Romano Prodi says this on ‘Start’, on Sky TG24. But in addition to Schlein, could Conte be a federator? “He still has to decide which pole to be in – says Prodi -. He says he doesn’t know who would vote between Trump and Biden…. Make up your mind! And then we will have a definition of the balance of power. With his indecision, Conte thinks he will erode votes and consensus to Schlein” and more generally “today no one is reliable, everyone looks after their own interests, tomorrow we’ll see”.

Prodi: Elly Schlein needs time

Elly Schlein «is in the most difficult situation a leader can find himself in. It takes time to unravel complex issues.” Romano Prodi says this in the extensive interview with Corriere della Sera during which the ‘father of the Olive Tree’ also returns to the question of party leaders’ candidacy for the European elections. «I maintain that presenting oneself to attract votes without then filling the role – he reiterates – represents a detachment from the popular will and weakens democracy».
What if it was a question of being symmetrical to the same decision as Giorgia Meloni? «To a question of principle – he replies – I respond with a principled answer. Should I perhaps advise the citizen who votes to follow Meloni’s example?
Speaking of the father and of Antonio Polito who, again in the Corriere, speaks of an ‘orphaned PD’ who always turns to the Professor, Prodi says: «I thank Polito, but he is wrong: I am not a father, but a grandfather who can provide affection , not influence and command.”