Professional training in Reggio Emilia: 123 places for free training courses advertised by the Metropolitan City


By John

There are 123 places for the new free professional training courses, advertised by the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, from sector 5 Professional training. This is an intervention promoted in agreement with the Employment Centers which will take place in the professional training centers of the Metropolitan Authority in Laureana di Borrello, Reggio Calabria and Siderno. For each profile there are 600 hours of course. Applications must be received by 22 December 2023 and the list of those admitted and not admitted will be published on 28 December 2023 on the Metropolitan City portal ( The places that become available following the renunciation or forfeiture of the winners or for other reasons will be assigned, within the deadlines established by the Regional legislation (LR 18/85), to the suitable candidates, in the order in which the applications arrive.

At the Laureana di Borrello headquarters there are courses for: Forestry Hydraulic Operator (15) and Mechatronics Car Repair Technician (15). In Reggio Calabria there are courses for: Operator for the processing and marketing of bakery/pastry products (15); Operator for the preparation, installation, maintenance and control of electrical systems (15); Mechatronics car repair technician (15); Pastry chef (15); Operator for grafting and pruning (15). Finally, at the Siderno headquarters there are courses for: Operator for the kitchen supply, conservation and treatment of raw materials and the preparation and distribution of dishes and drinks: catering worker (14); Forestry hydraulic operator (14).

“We are really satisfied with the work carried out in 2023 in the professional training sector. Often the applications exceeded the available places. Also in this case we tried to grasp the needs of the labor market”. Thus the delegated metropolitan councilor, Domenico Mantegna, who adds: “for 2024, in agreement with the metropolitan mayor, Giuseppe Falcomatà, we are already planning further opportunities for our young people, with exploratory notices that aim to start courses that have never been held and evaluate them their feasibility”.

The complete announcement and the application form can be consulted and downloaded at the web address: -free-professional-training-courses.