Vibo, Reading&Writing Festival XI Edition – Part One. Here is the program with great guests: Marco Bocci, Diego De Silva, Carmine Abate. There is also space for music and art


By John

The countdown to the opening of theXI edition of the Reading&Writing Festival – Part One, which will start on Friday 15 December at 9am in the splendid Palazzo Gagliardi in Vibo Valentia and will end on Sunday at 9pm with a show prepared exclusively by the actor and author Marco Bocci. Great guests and many new features for a widespread Festival, which will open up to the territory with “itinerant rEsistenze” and will also bring books and authors to unusual places such as the Jazzolino Pediatrics department and the prison. Not only books, but also, as in the L&S tradition, music, shows, readings, art in its broadest sense. And lots of space for young people, with students protagonists of some moments dedicated to them.

Among the guests of national importance, in addition to Bocci, there are writers, among others Diego De Silva, Carmine Abate, the anthropologist Vito Tetiand moreto Sabrina Garofalo, Vincenzo Linarello, Roberta Masotto, Anna Maria Milone, Santo Strati, Carmine Torchia, Raffaella Canovi, Antonio Castronuovo, Paolo Battistel, Fausto Vitaliano, Paola Crisapulli, Francesca Ritrovato. There are many other guests, not only writers but actors, theater authors, musicians. The valorization of the territory then passes through local authors and also through the concert of the students of the Torrefranca Conservatory.

Again, space for art – curated by a historical figure of the festival such as Antonio La Gamba – with artists’ exhibitions Maya Lopez Muro, Maurizio Carnevali, Francesco Scialò, Silvestro Bonaventura, Maria Vignarolo, Pietro Colloca, Tonino Denami, Giuseppe Famà, Giuseppe Curcio. And then the “Sub tutela dei” exhibitions on judge Rosario Livatino and the olfactory exhibition of Acqua degli dei, without forgetting the space dedicated to the villages by Parco delle Serre and that for children and families.

“Thanks to a highly relevant technical and artistic staff, we have tried to create a program that could appeal to everyone’s tastes – declare the Councilor for Culture, Giusi Fanelli, and the president of the Vibo library system, Fabio Signoretta – in which everyone can find elements of curiosity and inspiration that match their own aptitudes. We invite all citizens to participate, because the Festival is everyone’s heritage and we also help it with our presence and passion, with the aim of growing more and more. Because if culture grows, if the enjoyment of cultural moments and aggregation grows, our whole society grows.”