Protocol between the Italian Celiac Association Calabria and the Municipality of Rosarno


By John

The theme song of a memorandum of understanding between the mayor of Rosarno Pasquale Cutrì and the President of the Italian Celiac Association Calabria APS Giuseppina Grosso to establish close collaboration and unity of purpose between the two institutions.
On this occasion, the project that the parties are committed to implementing will be presented, within the broader right to health and food education, which includes joint awareness and training activities on issues of common interest relating to celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. , aimed at reducing the discomfort of celiac patients in school, at work and in social life.
The awareness-raising activity on celiac disease is aimed, in particular, at informing on the correct management of the gluten-free diet, as well as at disseminating correct information on any risks of cross contamination in food products and in artisanal and non-artisanal productions. Another essential purpose is to allow adequate social integration of celiacs and expand the network of premises in the municipality of Rosarno participating in the Eating Out of Home project.
The project also envisages the launch in local educational institutions of the “Escape from Gluten” project aimed at nursery and primary schools and the project “Everybody at the table, Everyone together, Gluten-free menu days” , the initiative that allows a completely gluten-free menu to be served in the canteen for everyone, celiac or non-celiac, during celiac disease week.
The Mayor of Rosarno and the entire Administration are proud of the ambitious project launched with AIC Calabria which is part of the Municipality's objectives of supporting every autonomous initiative of public interest, suitable for building a high level of quality of life in the territory, with particular regard to the rights of the most fragile people such as those suffering from celiac disease.
The speakers Giuseppina Grosso – President of AIC Calabria will explain the details of this important agreement. The psychologist Stefania Messina responsible for the In Escape from Gluten project for AIC, Francesca Ruga responsible for the project that will involve the school canteens “Tutti a Tavola Tutti Insieme” and Doctor Domenico Giuffrè of the Scientific Committee of AIC Calabria.
The hope of the promoters is that this agreement can be an example for other local areas, promoting greater awareness and inclusion for people suffering from celiac disease throughout Calabria.