Psc, in Catanzaro it’s time for concertation


By John

The journey will still last several months and could only be in the home stretch at the end of the year. But the first step taken in the City Council with the approval of the preliminary document of the PSC is already significant if we consider the long timescale for the gestation of the act, which in fact took place between two municipal administrations.
Once the mayor Nicola Fiorita, within ten days of approval in the Chamber (which took place on 28 December last and is immediately effective), will call the planning conference, discussions with the territorially interested bodies will come into play (including the Region, Province, neighboring municipalities, basin authorities , economic and social forces), aimed at obtaining the relevant opinions regarding the compatibility and consistency of the choices with the provisions of the higher-level planning tools. A decisive institutional consultation, because it will effectively lead to the transformation of the preliminary document into a municipal structural plan. But it will not be the last step and it is not certain that the future “guise” of the PSC will end up becoming the definitive one.