Putin: with Western troops in Ukraine we are heading towards global war”. And he insists “I remember Stoltenberg when he didn't suffer from dementia”


By John

«The constant escalation of the situation in Ukraine by Western countries could have consequences, just remember the nuclear parity between Russia and the USA». The warning came from the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who warned that the possible entry of NATO troops into Ukraine would be “another step towards conflict in Europe and a global war”. Ria Novosti reports it, quoting the Kremlin leader at a press conference from Uzbekistan where he is on an official visit. The NATO leadership “must understand what it is playing with”, he added.

Finally, the Russian president suggested that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suffers from “dementia”. “I remember him when he was the (Norwegian) prime minister and he didn't yet suffer from dementia,” said the head of the Kremlin, quoted by Tass.

Zelensky: Putin wants to derail the conference in Switzerland

“To world leaders I say: if you want peace, come to Switzerland.” President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in Brussels. «The initiative starts from us but if you have other ideas, come and propose them, the microphone is open. If instead you want war, you will go to the alternative meeting of criminals that Putin is organizing, because he does not want the peace conference in Switzerland and wants to make it fail”, he added. “There are countries that have not expressed themselves publicly but supporting Russia on this means being in favor of war.”