Reclamation of Scordovillo, Furgiuele meets commissioner Vadalà: “Responsibility to be assumed jointly”


By John

“I consider the meeting held today in Rome with General Vadalà, Sole Commissioner for the reclamation of the Scordovillo Roma camp, to be fruitful. The task that awaits him is certainly onerous, but the challenge to be overcome is historic, and I am convinced that the conditions let everyone be there, if everyone does their duty.” These were the words of the League deputy Domenico Furgiuele after the meeting with General Vadala.

“I asked the general for a strong and concrete commitment because the citizens have lost trust after years of inconclusiveness. I also pointed out, as a citizen first and then as a man of the institutions, also on the basis of the parliamentary solicitation work I have produced in recent periods, that it is not a question of reclaiming just any place but a very delicate site, a small city within the city, which has remained for decades in a state of suspension of legality. The State must reclaim it through the implementation of measures that make it a green lung, and no longer an open-air factory of dioxins and widespread illegality. At the same time, concerted housing solutions must be put in place that allow the clearing of that area in a climate of collaboration between the parties involved in order to avoid, as I had indicated , that there is a transit from Scordovillo 1 to Scordovillo 2. The Commissioner – continues Furgiuele – has important powers to do this, but they must harmonize with the competences of other institutions, primarily with those of the Prefecture of Catanzaro from which I am still awaiting a signal concrete after having officially asked the Prefect, almost three weeks ago, for a commitment to guarantee the strengthening of surveillance activities at least until the concrete start of the clean-up. I am confident in real and immediate answers, I will do my part, but we must participate in this process 'jointly' without being held back by the usual strings and snares. The population is tired.”