The anti-drug raid on the Pollino-Sibaritide axis and that link with the murders of Maurizio Scorza and his partner


By John

A criminal organization operating between Castrovillari and Cassano has been defeated. From the investigation which led to 7 arrests (five in prison and two under house arrest) it emerged that, in particular DV and DF, both recipients of the precautionary measure of custody in prison, after having obtained the drugs from the Gioia plain area Tauro, they hid it inside glass jars hidden among the trees on the land adjacent to their homes. They also made use of several couriers who, acting as a so-called “relay”, periodically changed cars, also using rental vehicles.
From the meticulous investigations directed by the Castrovillari Prosecutor's Office, and personally by the Public Prosecutor himself, Dr. Alessandro D'Alessio, it emerged, again at the level of circumstantial gravity, how many of the direct agreements between drug sellers and buyers also took place with other instant messaging systems in an attempt to evade interception. In any case, monitoring was ensured and continued by the police and from which it emerged that the appointments took place almost daily in all disparate time slots. The various suspects, some of whom were simultaneously subjected to measures limiting personal freedom who took advantage of the time permits granted, met the buyers even moving on foot or by bicycle so as not to arouse particular suspicions and to be able to deliver the requested doses, for a substantial tour of daily business.

The investigative activity also involved SP (subjected to the precautionary measure in prison), AL (subjected to the precautionary measure in prison) SG (subjected to the measure of house arrest), MS (subjected to the measure of house arrest) and SL (notified l notice of the conclusion of the preliminary investigations), people believed to be close to Maurizio Scorza, shot dead in April 2022 in the Gammellone district, in Castrovillari, together with his partner Hedhli Hanene.