Record attendance (4650) for Phaedra by Paul Curran at the Greek theater in Syracuse


By John

Phaedra's obsession, love, eros, family conflicts. Applause for Phaedra (Hippolitus bearer of the crown) by Euripides, directed by Paul Curranwhich debuted last night at Greek theater of Syracuse.
Record of 4650 attendances, for the second tragedy of the 59th season of the Inda Foundation. Many students in the ancient cavea.
The story of Phaedra, in Nicola Crocetti's translation, resonates with surprising relevance, highlighting contemporary concerns about mental health. The attempt to define what love and its consequences are.
Eros as carnal desire, ruin. As a force of contradiction, freedom and constraint. The madness of Phaedra, Alessandra Salamida, the calculating Nurse, Gaia Aprea. Riccardo Livermore, in a shiny jacket, is Ippolito. While his father, Teseo, is Alessandro Albertin. He is capable of hating his son, after being deceived, to the point of seeing him die in his arms.
Finally Giovanna Di Rauso (Artemis) who reveals the truth to Theseus.
«Like Phaedra's heads, we too are bombarded by the provocations of eros through more or less subliminal messages, even the head of a contemporary is invaded and sometimes devastated. But there is also the tragedy of a father and son, Theseus and Hippolytus. The almost Oedipal irresolvable conflict between generations. While Theseus' house collapses we see his family collapse too »- explains Curran.
Also on stage are Ilaria Genatiempo (Aphrodite), Sergio Mancinelli (a Servant), Marcello Gravina (Messenger). And then Simonetta Cartia, Elena Polic Greco, Giada Lorusso, Maria Grazia Solano (Corifee); while Alba Sofia Vella, Giulia Valentini, Miriam Scala, Valentina Corrao and Maddalena Serratore (Women's Choir of Trezene). The sets and costumes are by Gary McCann, the choir is directed by Francesca Della Monica; opening chorus music by Matthews Barnes and show music by Ernani Maletta.
Fifth staging at the Greek Theater of Syracuse for Euripides' text after the 1936, 1956, 1970 and 2010 editions.
This morning, at 9am, the inauguration of the XXVIII edition of the International Festival of Classical Youth Theater in Palazzolo Acreide with over 2 thousand students who will arrive from all over Europe to perform until June 4th on the stage of the Akrai Theatre.