Recruiting Day at the Calabria Region: selection of the first 40 people from Webuild's “Italy work site”.


By John

“The synergistic work led to this important result in just a few days. Today we welcomed 300 qualified people interested in working on the Webuild construction sites at the regional Citadel, for the construction of ongoing and future infrastructure works also in Calabria. The construction of the database by the Calabrian employment centers was crucial for the search and selection. This initiative follows the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding which took place last November between the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, and Pietro Salini, Webuild CEO. We are building concrete opportunities for work in Calabria, a path to give positive answers and above all the possibility of giving hope for the future. After today's interviews, the first 40 people will be selected who, on April 8th, will begin the first two training and hiring courses for construction site operators, which will take place in the premises made available by the Calabria Region in the Citadel of Catanzaro”.

Thus the regional councilor for work and professional training, Giovanni Calabrese, at the opening of the Recruiting Day for the selection of young people interested in working in Webuild, as part of the recruitment campaign launched in Southern Italy for the construction of the ongoing infrastructure works and future.

The Recruiting Day, in collaboration with Randstad and Adecco, was aimed mainly at all those who are currently unemployed and wish to undertake a relocation process in the construction sector.

During the initiative, the interventions of the representatives of Webuild and the regional manager, Cosimo Cuomo, who illustrated the day's program and thanked the Employment Centers for their collaboration.

“Cantiere Lavoro Italia”, a program launched by Webuild last November, is divided into three types of schools (the local school, in collaboration with employment agencies, to attract resources to the sector and provide basic training; the School of trades, to provide specialized technical skills to the workforce; the School of professions, to guarantee more advanced skills to the clerical resources on the construction site) aimed at differentiated targets, from young people to the unemployed.

With this program Webuild aims to train and then hire various professional figures, both specialized workers (including excavators, electricians, plant engineers, and more), and staff figures (including buyers, work accountants, TBM engineers).

“Cantiere Lavoro Italia” foresees a hiring program for 10 thousand women and men in Italy by 2026, of which 88% in Southern Italy. Webuild estimates training around 1,000 people per year, helping to build the professional figures and resources necessary to support the growth of the infrastructure sector in Italy.