Reggiana “indigestible” for Catanzaro, first home defeat in the second round: an unfortunate own goal by Fulignati decides


By John


MARKER own goal by Fulignati in the 12th minute
CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 5.5; Situm 6, Scognamillo 5.5, Brighenti 6.5, Veroli 6 (33' st Oliveri 6.5); D'Andrea 6 (22' st Brignola 6) Pompetti 6, Petriccione 6 (33' st Sounas 6), Vandeputte 5.5; Iemmello 5.5 (38' st Donnarumma 6) Ambrosino 5 (1' st Biasci 6). Annex Vivarini 6
REGGIANA (3-4-2-1) Satalino 6; Szyminski 7, Rozzio 7, Marcandalli 7 (41' st Libutti sv); Fiamozzi 6.5, Kabashi 6.5, Bianco 6.5, Pieragnolo 6.5 (49' st Pajac sv); Portanova 6 (24' st Melegoni 6), Girma 7 (24' st Varela 6); Gondo 6 (24' st Pettinari 6). Annex Nesta 7
REFEREE Bonacina of Bergamo 6
NOTE Viewers 9,632 of which (5,423 season ticket holders), takings of 120,683 euros. Ammoniti, Veroli, Bianco and Brighenti (C). Corners 7-2. Rec. 2'; 6'.

Catanzaro had not yet found an indigestible product like Reggiana. The first home defeat of the second round does not weaken the wonderful Giallorossi season, nor the credit gained for the playoffs, but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth: like and more than the first leg the Emilians took everything with a couple of conclusions (in the first half), a lot of luck and a lot of good defense. The match was decided by an own goal by Fulignati on Girma's right foot (match winner on Santo Stefano) which hit the post and crashed onto the home goalkeeper's back. It was the 12th minute of the first half, there was a lifetime to recover, but apart from the final forcing Iemmello and his associates always crashed into the wall raised by Nesta, another one that is kryptonite for Vivarini: five direct clashes and five victories for the 2006 world champion.

Photo Salvatore Monteverde