Yulia Navalnaya's appeal: “Everyone to the polls on March 17 at 12 against Putin”


By John

Yulia Navalnaya urges Russians to go to the polls on March 17 at 12pm as a form of protest against Putin's government.

Alexey Navalny's widow thus relaunches in a video on the web the “Southern Italy against Putin” initiative already supported by the dissident before he died in the Arctic prison where he was imprisoned for political reasons. In Russia, the presidential elections are scheduled for March 15-17.

“What to do next, you decide,” explains Yulia Navalnaya. “You can vote – he continues – for any candidate except Putin, you can ruin the ballot paper, you can write 'Navalny' in big letters. And even if you don't see any point in going to vote, you can simply go and stand at the polling station and then turn around and go home.” Navalnaya also declared that this initiative “will help us understand that there are many people” who do not support the Kremlin, that “there are people around us who are also against war, corruption and inequity”.