Reggina dives into the future. We start from the confirmation or otherwise of Bonanno, Pellegrino and Trocini


By John

The final whistle of Siracusa-Reggina was almost an immediate dive into the amaranth future. At the end of a season in which the present, understood as football played, at a certain point became almost a detail. In fact, since the possibility of fighting for first place evaporated, general attention has been catalyzed above all by issues such as Sant'Agata, the brand and the denomination. Aspects that will remain current in the coming weeks, but which will have to run in parallel with an issue that will soon become a priority, namely the pitch and programming for next season.
The objective is clear: lay the foundations to win the Serie D championship. Having lost the playoff final makes the possibility of a repechage remote, which is why we can immediately focus on the prospect of thinking about the planning to grab first place in the fourth series. We will inevitably start with reflections on the last year. Allowing a few days to pass before the next decisions will help draw conclusions that are not influenced by the mood of a championship that has just ended. Reggina did not win the championship. An evidence that cannot satisfy, but which becomes easier to digest starting from Trapani's numbers. With the Granata's roadmap it would have been impossible to keep up for a team that signed up for the championship on 11 September and had little choice for the players who made up the squad.
Information has already been leaked regarding the fact that there will soon be meetings that will define the positions of the key men of the technical project. However, it is conceivable that the first official communications will arrive between the end of May and the beginning of June. Even during the current season it was said that at the end of the football year the positions of the director of the technical area Giuseppe Bonanno, the sporting director Maurizio Pellegrino and the coach Bruno Trocini would be evaluated. Only then will it be possible to understand what the direction in building the squad will be.
What is certain is that canceling the entire project would mean starting from scratch and not benefiting from the advantage that one would have in starting over from a team that has averaged over 2 points per game in the last ten days, won in Vibo in the first round of the playoffs and has risked doing so in Syracuse. A group that managed to improve its performance when it probably closed the gap with the others resulting from a pre-season preparation not carried out, has acquired the right mix and made the most of the reinforcements arrived in January.
A base that should however be strengthened with top level players (especially in attack) who create a gap between the Amaranths and all the competitors for next season. They will be the first choices to understand if there is a path to continuity in Reggina's technical future or if instead they want to change course. The only certainty is that the club seems to have every intention of aiming decisively to win the championship.