Reggina in front of the Tar. Hours of waiting for clubs and fans: today the sentence


By John

The hearing before the Lazio Regional Administrative Court on Reggina’s appeal concluded shortly after 6 pm. For the judgment it will be necessary to wait Today and this forced the amaranth fans into another night of waiting. The topics dealt with were the well-known ones, with the difference that for the first time they will be examined by ordinary justice.

Regginabased on the documents that currently exclude it and the positions of the opponents (Figc in particular), is out of the league for two reasons: approval of the non-definitive restructuring plan and non-compliance with the peremptory deadlines (approximately 757,000 euros unpaid), since the sentence set a later limit. The first critical point, at least in football assessments, arises from a restrictive interpretation of the 169/A press release according to which in order to register for the championship it would be necessary to have a definitive counterpart.

169/A speaks specifically of “approval measures by the competent judicial authority or equivalent definitive measures”. The question is played out on this passage and its interpretation. However, those communications arrived in April when Reggina had already embarked on its path and even any immediate appeal is not considered by the club as a due fact, since it did not imagine there could be the restrictive interpretation that is being had in the field football.

Reggina paid over 5 million by the deadline of June 20 to settle the pending payments relating to the 2022-2023 season. Not those 750,000 euros which, according to the counterpart sentence, were a debt and according to the club not yet expired, making Reggina in fact non-defaulting.

The application of the sectoral rules, at least in the application and interpretation that would be in the case of Reggina and although supported by its own autonomy, risks nullifying the effects of recovery that Reggina has operated using the Corporate Crisis Code and the ‘Insolvency. The defense of the amaranth club is based on these points, beyond the opposition. The amaranth case has no analogies with any case from the past (including Chievo).