Reggina, it is the decisive week between Tar and the “premiere” of patron Ilari


By John

The month of July is also at the end of the line for the difficult summer of Reggina. Over thirty days which, for the amaranth club, were those in which it tried unsuccessfully to assert its reasons through the various stages of the sports justice. On the other hand, August will be the month in which the amaranth case will land in the field of ordinary justice.
All thoughts at this moment are turned to next Wednesday, when the hearing at the Lazio Regional Administrative Court is scheduled. There are no margins for optimism or pessimism to prevail in view of the appeal, but the awareness that there are points in the amaranth position that could overturn a situation that today sees it excluded from the cadet championship.
However things go on August 2nd, we would still have to wait for the 29th. On that date, in fact, the appointment with the Council of State is scheduled, where the appeals of the parties who will not be satisfied with what was decided in the sentence of the TAR will probably arrive. It is not, however, difficult to perceive that the forthcoming judgment represents a passage capable of tracing an important furrow in the summer of Reggina. In a positive or in a negative sense.
If things go well, it could become an opportunity to give direction to a club that, at the moment, doesn’t have it. This week is also the one in which Manuele Ilari’s arrival in Reggio Calabria was anticipated, complete with official communication.
It will probably be he himself, at the announced press conference, who will clarify all the question marks that today hover over an acquisition that will be confirmed only in the event of admission to the Serie B championship. As of today, it is known (again through the press releases) which is working to approve the financial statements as at 30 June 2023 and which has left the management of the dispute to the outgoing owners. He is aware of ideas for the future and of the desire to create an economically sustainable project, but almost nothing of the present understood as management of current activities.
An issue on which, for obvious reasons, the sensitivity of players and especially club employees is very high. It is hoped that clarity will soon arrive, beyond the total abnormality of the situation and the tight deadlines experienced up to now by those who have taken over. It must be said that today’s situations do not interfere with the course of the appeal to the TAR. In that office the position of the amaranth club will be evaluated at the deadline of 20 June for the purpose of registering for the championship, which in the evaluations of the sports bodies led to the exclusion. Furthermore, no problem for the June salary deadline for players (the limit is August 1st). In the case of Reggina, in fact, reference is made to a club that is currently excluded from the tournament and has a dispute underway for registration. Regularization could take place after possible readmission, the only real priority at the moment.