Reggina, it’s the day of truth. Groups and roped parties ready to try


By John

Expressions of interest to restart football in Reggio Calabria were expected between last night and this morning. The deadline is set for 1pm today, when they will all be taken into consideration. Among them will be Stefano Bandecchi. The mayor of Terni, patron of the University of Niccolò Cusano and former owner of Ternana will be the leader of a consortium that would see him present with 50% of the company shares. «I wouldn’t have dealt with football anymore – he declared to the Gazzetta del Sud – if Reggina hadn’t had these problems. I am the guarantor of a club that wants to give Reggio a solid team, without the problems we have had so far. The goal is to bring Reggina to Serie C. However, every championship is difficult, I learned it the hard way. Bandecchi therefore wants to bring the Amaranth club back to the professional ranks. The idea of ​​the Livorno entrepreneur is to ferry the amaranths, as soon as possible, back to the professionals and then disappear, leaving room for others in a dimension where a healthy club from a city like Reggio Calabria would become very attractive. Bandecchi has chosen to move in the name of the affection and esteem that binds him to Reggio. A relationship born after the applause received at Granillo for the sportsmanship demonstrated when he underlined that there was no alternative to promoting Reggina due to the gap he had accumulated in the Serie C season interrupted by Covid.

Bandecchi should be joined by what seemed like it could be a single expression of interest. The reference is to the company My Energy, based in San Donato Milanese. The company operates in the photovoltaic energy sector, has grown rapidly in recent years and develops its projects all over the world. Above all, it also has a soul from Reggio. The CEO is the engineer Simone Foti, while the engineer Antonio Praticò is the sales manager. My Energy is expected to have 25% of the company, with the rest owned by other local entrepreneurs. From a technical point of view, the organizational chart should include Massimo Taibi as head of the sports area, with his former teammate and Amaranth flag Emanuele Belardi at his side.

It’s not over, however, because other expressions of interest are also expected. One, for example, should come from a Sicilian entrepreneur with an important project. The presentation of the expression of interest by the entrepreneur from Campania Francesco Agnello, who already several weeks ago had already announced the possibility of committing himself to giving life to the new course of Reggina, can also be hypothesized.

Attention to outsiders and above all to a possible “Mister X” who for some time had shown attention towards the possible restart of Reggina. This would be an entrepreneur with a company headquartered in the North, present throughout Italy and a brand known nationally. Meanwhile, yesterday evening, the presentation of the expression of interest of the newly established “La Fenice Amaranto ASD”, represented by the lawyer Ferruccio Maria Sbarbaro, was announced, signed by the president (“V.Minniti”).