Reggina, players in “agitation”. The company may be in default


By John

The journey is full of difficulties and the chances are growing that another one may soon be added. In fact, the club could soon be placed in default by the players for the emoluments not received. It must be said that Reggina, in order to present the application for registration, had complied with the peremptory deadline of 20 June on the question of salaries. Furthermore, it is public knowledge that the team, right from the start of preparation, found itself working in a “Sant’Agata” where various organizational problems emerged.
The road that separates Reggina from the sentence of the Council of State (appointment on August 29) is very long. It is especially so on a temporal level, bearing in mind that it will be necessary to contain the effects of a climate of demobilization which appears evident. The mission, from here on out, is to keep the remaining pieces of the mosaic as united as possible. It will be the challenge of the next few days, since there is still a small chance of changing the fate that today would see the amaranth team not registered in Serie B.
On Wednesday at the “Granillo” (8.30 pm) there will be the demonstration organized by the Curva Sud and it will be an opportunity to reiterate the need to make the union of intent count as much as possible.
While waiting to understand what will be the new starting point for Reggina, it seems obvious that there will be no Pippo Inzaghi. The coach would probably have terminated his relationship with the amaranth club even if the path to registration had been linear. The conditions no longer seemed to exist for the ambition to carry forward the three-year project that was mentioned a year ago.
He too will be there on August 9 at the Granillo. Inzaghi, especially at a time like the present one, would not have wanted to greet Reggio Calabria with just his resignation. His constant presence in the city, even in these difficult weeks, has been significant. And it is not trivial at all that, on his fiftieth birthday, he will find the time to attend the scheduled event. The technician considers it his duty to personally greet the public that has adopted and loved him.
Everything has the air of being a real farewell. What will happen from the next day remains in the sphere of uncertainty. Starting from if and when training will resume and possibly who will lead them.
On the other hand, the one who had already closed his adventure at Reggina was Thiago Cionek. The defender, after three years in Reggio Calabria, saw his contract expire on 30 June. The beginning of a new adventure is imminent for him (we are talking about Avellino) and he wanted to greet the square with a post on Instagram.
«I would like to thank – wrote the defender – the Calabrian people for their welcome and support in these three years. I thank those of Reggio and all those who live in other cities of Italy who at each away game there were so many who supported us wherever we went to play”. «I wish Reggina – he added – that in its path it will find people who love these colors as you love them». Then special thanks for DS Taibi, for Inzaghi, the technical staff, the coaches we have had in recent seasons and all the people met during the journey along the Strait.
“Especially – added Cionek – our Massimo Bandiera” recalling the secretary who died prematurely in 2021 and historic figure of the amaranth club. Then a thought for the square in a difficult moment: «I wish you strength and courage for the future to come. I know you won’t give up.”