Expensive petrol, the government responds to the M5S: “Excise duties cannot be cut”


By John

The international price of oil “has not recorded, with reference to the average of the previous two months, an increase compared to the reference value indicated in the Def which would allow for the adoption of the decree to reduce excise rates applied to diesel and petrol”. This was stated by the undersecretary of the Mef, Lucia Albano, answering a question by Emiliano Fenu (M5S) in the Finance Committee of the Chamber. Albano cited the data from Mimit updated to 31 July according to which the average price of petrol is 1.91 euros per liter and that of diesel is 1.76 euros.

The Mimit publishes the average prices of fuels on its website: the national average on the motorway and that Region by Region. Starting today, the data will have to be displayed by the distribution systems in the area, with the aim – underlined by the government – of promoting transparency. The national average for self-service on the motorway is 1.984 euros per liter for petrol and 1.854 euros per liter for diesel. At a territorial level, the highest prices for green are those of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano at 1.945 euros per liter and Puglia at 1.943 euros. Below the threshold of 1.9 euros, the Marches at 1.892 and the Veneto at 1.898. With self-service petrol approaching 2 euros per liter on the motorway, “Mimit confirms the alarm raised in recent days”, writes Assoutenti. The ministry is now publishing data on motorway services, says the consumers’ association.