Reggina, with Vibonese a serious test on multiple fronts


By John

In Vibo, Reggina has the last chance to beat a team that, based on the standings, represents a big player in the tournament. At the moment the Amaranths have never won against one of the three teams at the top of the table.

The score at the moment is four defeats out of five matches, with a single draw obtained in the first leg match against the rossoblù. The progress shown by Trocini's team in recent weeks and the slowdown of Vibonese could be the right conditions for the undertaking, but it is not easy to trust a Reggina that too many times has stopped when it seemed about to take off definitively .

The amaranth team, among other things, must also change an external trend that has not been exciting in recent weeks. Despite the six victories in the last eight home matches, the Amaranths have lost three of the four away matches played in 2024. Having succumbed away from the “Granillo” against league leaders Trapani and vice-leaders Siracusa makes the prospect of facing Vibonese even more interestingthird in the standings, to measure the team's improvements in view of the play offs.

The Vibonese, although very strong, is not that Trapani which today seems to be at a level unattainable for all the others. This is why the match will be a real litmus test to identify how much more awareness could have elevated the quality and consistency of the Amaranth team's performances.
The main curiosity concerns how effective the new offensive structure will prove against a defense of a higher level than those faced in recent times. Vibonese, after the five suffered by Trapani, kept a clean sheet on four occasions out of seven matches played. This will offer Trocini's trident a significant test, after at times the offensive wingers Renelus and Provazza appeared elusive against second-level opponents.

Significant test also for the defense. Despite greater offensive productivity, the Amaranths almost always had the door “open” in the second round. Only once in ten outings did the goalkeeper of the Strait team end the match with a clean sheet. The Amaranths continue to concede very few shots on goal. However, if you want to be a top-class team there is no alternative to improving every detail and not stopping to curse the statistical fatality.

The press conference is scheduled for today at 12 Bruno Trocini. From the coach's words you will be able to learn more about the doubts relating to the conditions of some players. In particular if Barillà's recovery is also added to Mungo's recovery, about which there seems to be optimism. The suspended Rosseti and the injured Zucco will not be in the match, while Girasole will return after serving the suspension. We expect a Reggina still with the 4-3-3 and in the name of continuity compared to the latest outings.

The team trained practically all week at the stadium Oreste Granillo. Tomorrow, however, the last session will take place at the Sant'Agata sports center.