Reggio Calabria, entrepreneur protests against judges and climbs onto a crane


By John

An entrepreneur Francesco Gregorio Quattrone, 66 years old, former owner of the “Arca di Joli” restaurant and involved in the past in the «Olimpia» trial, from which he was acquitted and, in 2012, ended up at the center of the «Entourage» investigation conducted by Dia which seized his assets for approximately 20 million euros, he climbed onto a crane this morning in protest in Reggio Calabria of the construction site of the new Palace of Justice under construction in front of the Cedir, headquarters of the Reggio judicial offices.

After a few hours of protest, Quattrone got out, ending his protest. Although he was acquitted in the second trial, Quattrone’s assets were confiscated at the end of the parallel proceedings, and unrelated to the criminal trial, heard before the Prevention Measures section of the Court of Reggio Calabria. Already at the end of 2022, the entrepreneur had chained himself in front of the judicial offices and had also been received by the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri. Today yet another protest accompanied by a video message published on his Facebook page. «I am Quattrone Francesco Gregorio – he stated in the video posted on the social channel – the entrepreneur robbed by this Italian injustice. Today is September 4, 2023 and I, as I had anticipated days ago, am here, about 20 meters away risking my life. It’s worth it.” «I will stay here, I will risk what I risk because, for me, for my sacrifices for those of my parents, my children and my wife, it is worth it. I don’t ask for anything except a little voice and views in the media.”