Reggio, crackdown on illegal trade and illegal occupation of public land. Over 40 thousand euros in fines


By John

The Local Police of Reggio Calabria, by order of Commander Zucco, in recent days has started a series of services aimed at combating illegal commercial activity and the illegal occupation of public land. During the summer season, there is an exponential growth in commercial activities on public land. Targeted control services impact the need to protect fair competition and protect consumers from health hazards arising from poor conservation of the food products on display, as noted by the staff, without any guarantee of hygiene. Another objective of the inspection activities is urban decorum; illegal occupations of roads and pavements very often constitute a danger to vehicular traffic as well as hindering the basic right to mobility of disabled people. It has also been ascertained that often the goods do not have any traceability certificate in contempt of the rules established to protect the consumer. The activities of the last few days have allowed, at the current stage of the proceedings, to identify approximately 30 traders, owners of itinerant businesses or fixed-site businesses (bars, shops, etc.), which occupied public land or displayed goods for sale without the required authorizations in whole or in part. In total, administrative sanctions were imposed, including at city markets, for approximately 40,000 euros. The sanctioned entities were reported to the competent administrative authorities for the purpose of issuing the accessory provisions of specific competence. Similar services will continue throughout the summer period throughout the city.