Acr Messina, the change of ownership seems to be a done deal. Sciotto: “The new group will indicate the ds”


By John

July 1st and the official start of the 2024/25 sports season bring substantial news in the negotiations for the transfer of ownership of Messina: in the early evening, the white-blue club “announces that president Pietro Sciotto, as per the agreements with the business group that is negotiating the acquisition of the majority stake in the club, has completed the formalities regarding the payment of the dues for the month of May (salaries and social security contributions), and the payment of the June instalment to the tax authorities”. The steps indicated in the preliminary sales agreement have therefore been confirmed and the ball is now in the hands of the Anglo-American group.clearly called into question by the final paragraph of the press release issued by Messina according to which «The purchasing group will indicate the new sporting director».

The transfer appears to have taken place. The telephone contact between the president Pietro Sciotto and the Anglo-American group interested in acquiring the club is scheduled for today, with the chat that will also be useful to set up a physical appointment in the following days. The press release, however, indicates that Sciotto has now reached the conclusion of wanting to definitively sell Messina, but also that the sports management is now totally in the hands of the group interested in purchasing it. The table is thus filled with another card, probably the decisive one and that fills a deck in which there were already the potential buyer’s willingness to satisfy the requests of the current ownership and the documentation necessary to reach the definition.