Corigliano Rossano Council: Grillo, Zangaro and Uva among the favourites


By John

If there are no particular impediments The first session of the municipal council should be held on July 9th, one of the last available days prescribed, according to the municipal elections regulationto proceed with the installation of the 2024-2029 civic council of the city of Corigliano Rossano. A first indication that would have emerged from a first informal meeting between Stasi and the 15 municipal councilors of the majority that, according to some rumors gathered in the majority environment, would have been held the day before yesterday. It seems, however, that on this occasion Stasi would have whispered, in general terms, some criteria that could be adopted in the choice of the assessors. From here come the more or less reliable rumors, on the so-called “totoassessori”. And after those, perhaps more reliable, that speak of the reconfirmation of some administrators who were part of the previous council, other suppositions emerge on some names. The list could include the current president of the council Marinella Grillo, the councilor Liliana Zangaro, elected in the Co-Ro Pulita list, or Anthony Grape (list “United for Stasi Mayor), but also some of the Greens who with Joseph Bell and Elisa Romanor loyal to Stasi since 2019.