Reggio, dissolution or bankruptcy? Arena: the city was not defended


By John

Point blank question: if he had had the defense that Mayor Decaro is having, would the Municipality of Reggio have ever been dissolved?

“Never. If we had defended Bari we would never have arrived at the dissolution, because the political maneuvers that led to the city being sold on the Roman tables would have emerged and above all the question of the administration that had taken office just over six months ago would have arisen and which certainly could not have been the subject of the defamatory remarks that were then attributed to it”.

The events in Bari have brought to light the wound that Reggio suffered in 2011. Arena does not like to talk about that season which brought endless mourning to the city but little by little it dissolves: «What impressed me most in this story is that a necessary fact such as the sending of the Access Commission became a political speculation of the Democratic Party which cries out for scandal.”

The PD's attitude is very different from that of Reggio.

«The political aggression suffered by Reggio was different. It happened well before I took office and arrived on the budget front, the aim was for disruption. A demolition action supported by a parliamentary question from the PD group with the Hon. as the first signatory. Marco Minniti. The attack to decapitate the ruling class of the center-right of Reggio Emilia was planned. Along the way, when the Multiservice operation was launched, an even more virulent political action was added which culminated in the parliamentary question of 5 PD deputies, including the Calabrians Lo Moro, Laratta and Oliverio, in which they asked for the sending of the Access fee. My city is represented as a sewer, where anything can happen, a Wild West without rules… all this while Reggio is at the peak of a virtuous path of socio-economic development and was considered by the main tour operators as the fifth destination Italian most requested by international tourism”.