Reggio, Labate’s hope: “Football and airport? Ready to enter governance”


By John

For Confcommercio, words are not needed, but a concrete commitment. And starting from the Reggina football and airport “cases”. For this reason, president Lorenzo Labate announces the interest of the traders’ association in entering, with minimum shares, in the two clubs, first of all the one that will be responsible for continuing football in the city. Labate explains: «The airport and Reggina football are two completely different issues, apparently very distant which, however, have an enormous value for the Reggio community, from an economic, image and sense of belonging point of view. And among them a series of other questions of equal importance are known to all. On these issues – says the president – the position of the entire Confcommercio, from the general council to the management, is clear and is the reason why we have not entered the media turmoil of recent months: we do not want to limit ourselves to talking and expressing opinions. The citizen can and must do it. A representative organization must fulfill a different mandate. Therefore, if the conditions are right and if we are involved and supported in this, we feel the duty as a traders’ association to enter the respective companies. With minimum quotas of course, but presence in corporate bodies is necessary to be able to understand, supervise and govern. It is the only way to be able to carry out our role in a serious and responsible manner. Entering into the governance of collective interest companies is fundamental. Without this precondition – continues Labate – one can only know what is reported by others with all the resulting limitations and, certainly, one remains completely extraneous to the decision-making processes. It’s just theatre. And, out of respect for our traders and the entire city, we do not intend to be actors in farces of any kind.”