Reggio, opposition to the TAR to cancel the Dup


By John

It is a clash that has been going on since the second Falcomatà administration was re-elected. The centre-right minority once again tries the path of administrative justice against the measures of the centre-left which leads Palazzo San Giorgio. This time An appeal arrives at the TAR regarding the cancellation of the City Council meeting regarding the approval of the Single Planning Document. The former candidate for mayor had already announced it at the end of July Antonino Minicuci during a press conference and now we are in the crucial phase.
The matter revolves around two controversial points which were brought to the attention of the administrative judges: the preparation of the “estimated budget scheme” with a resolution of the municipal council before the Dup was approved by the council body; the approval of the same budget outline with a resolution of the City Council in the same session in which the Dup was approved.
In the draft of the appeal to the TAR that it should be signed en bloc by all minority municipal councilors reference is made to some rulings of other TARs: «The discussion and approval of the Dup must be carried out in a specific and specific “dedicated” session, prior to the session for approving the budget forecast, the latter to be drawn up in accordance with the Dup, constituting the strategic and operational guidance of the Institution, which covers the sphere of interest and exercise of the function of all the municipal councillors, having been the council meeting elected by law as the natural forum for discussion and decision on the content of the Dup.”
According to the municipal minority, the rights of the council opposition would have been violated but at the same time the technical and chronological procedures that link the DUP to the budget would have been violated.