Reggio, protection of urban decorum and the right to housing: flurry of complaints and arrests


By John

In recent days, the Local Police of Reggio Calabria has launched targeted actions to protect urban decorum. As part of the administrative police services, Commander Zucco's agents have issued three reports for illegal occupation of public land against some premises in the center and placed seals on an outdoor area installed without authorization; the owner of the same was also referred to the judicial authorities. Regarding the illegal occupation of properties, in the last two days three illegally occupied property units have been identified. The violators were reported while a property unit was vacated at the same time. The activities follow those of a few days ago when the local police in Arghillà reported twelve people for illegal occupation of public residential buildings and aggravated theft of electricity and water. On this occasion, a criminal was arrested in collaboration with the Police of State. From the beginning of the year to today, over thirty people have been reported for illegal occupation of public residential buildings. Services will continue in the coming days.