Reggio, the goal of the new director Sudano: “Museum open from the terrace to the warehouses”


By John

He took office on Monday but Palazzo Piacentini has been his second home for years now. Fabrizio Sudano, the new director of the National Archaeological Museum, looks at the next 4 years through projects. And he has many ideas to give shape to. His vision of the temple of the history of the Reggio and Calabrian territory runs through all 6 floors of the Museum, from the basement to the terrace.

The first thing you would like to do is related to the Sudano season?

«Open the Terrace make it accessible to everyone, not just for conferences, conferences and concerts. Reggio is among the five largest museums in the South and I would like it to be experienced to the full. The café on the terrace overlooking the Strait is a space that must be returned to the community. Of course the times are not yet set, I know there are some bureaucratic problems to resolve, but I will do everything to succeed.”

In this philosophy of “restitutions” there is another important project that the director, from his past as superintendent, plans to implement: «Making the deposits usable. There are thousands of artefacts still locked in boxes. Material that has never been inventoried, studied, catalogued. We would need a scientific research project with scholars and university professors who could succeed in this operation. There are probably finds that in other museums would be points of excellence and which instead could hardly find an exhibition here given that the display offers the best of what has been found in the area. One could also temporarily imagine creating an exhibition with the inventoried finds. We need to recover the Library, a reading room that never reopened after the Covid season due to a lack of staff. But today that the former interns have effectively entered the workforce, we have new blood to achieve a lot.” And one of the key elements that Sudano intends to focus on is teamwork. «I feel a climate of great collaboration, I trust the staff, I believe that the paths should be shared and planned, together and not imposed from above. The programming of events, exhibitions and activities will be written in this spirit. There will soon be a meeting with the Board of Directors and the Scientific Technical Committee to start this planning.” And then there are the many proposals that come from outside. «There are various synergies with various associations and not just in the area. I feel great enthusiasm.”