Reggio, the institutions team up to intercept tourist flows


By John

Promote territorial identity from a tourism perspective. A mission that has seen institutions and organizations involved in campaigns and events. Sometimes proposed in an inorganic manner. The Metropolitan City and the Chamber of Commerce instead get together and through a shared path create a “direction” that attempts to intercept tourist flows and deseasonalize them. The basic idea is to encourage new opportunities for local growth linked to tourism and the valorisation of cultural heritage, the definition of actions and interventions towards common and shared objectives. An operation that is certainly not year zero, given that the two institutions which embrace different partners and skills (the business world on the one hand and the dense network of local authorities of the 97 municipalities in the area on the other) have already experimented with collaboration with good results. And so it was decided to renew the collaboration through an agreement that the acting metropolitan mayor, Carmelo Versace, has already approved. Document which marks not only the steps with respect to costs (the agreement does not generate additional financial burdens for the Parties, who will each contribute with the financial resources relating to the actions proposed and covered by the agreement and available within the annual budget) to the competences , but already make first appointments.