Rossano, driver on state road 106, loses control of the car which ends up on top of another vehicle


By John

Freaky accident shortly after 8pm yesterday on the 106 in the stretch where the state road crosses the first urban area of ​​Rossano. The accident occurred in Frasso, a few meters away from the “harmonic machine” roundabout at the first entrance to the city. A busy and urbanized stretch with also pedestrian crossings. For reasons still under investigation, it appears that a car lost control and, after spinning, collided with another vehicle. Other vehicles appear to have managed to dodge the car's mad rush, avoiding a collision between multiple vehicles. Between the screeching of brakes and the sound of shattering glass, the accident paralyzed everyone's attention. From what we have learned, fortunately, at the moment it appears that only one person has been injured, namely the driver of the car that skidded. His condition, however, appears not to be serious. The emergency car also sprang into action immediately. The Carabinieri from the territorial department of Corigliano Rossano, the firefighters from the Viale dei Normanni di Rossano detachment and a medical team from the 118 emergency service arrived on site. In a short time, long queues and slowdowns formed along the main road. both directions of travel, also to give priority to rescuers to operate on the road. Traffic then resumed slowly and regularly over the course of the evening, initially with alternating one-way traffic, and smoothly once the vehicles involved in the accident had been removed from the road.