Rubiales case, the mother of the (suspended) president of the Spanish Football Federation goes to a church and starts a hunger strike


By John

Another chapter in Spain in the controversy relating to kiss from the final of the Women’s World Cup. Angeles Bejar, mother of the president of RFEF, Luis Rubialessuspended by FIFA for 90 days, according to what the newspaper As reports, has been locked up since this morning in the Divine Pastora Church of Motril and has begun a hunger strike, which will last, said the woman, until «a solution to the problem is found hunting, inhumane and bloody, that they are doing against my son: something he doesn’t deserve.”
Meanwhile, the RFEF, the Spanish Football Federation, has asked for UEFA’s intervention to defend Rubiales against the actions of the Spanish government following the kissing scandal. Andreu Camps, general secretary of the RFEF, therefore openly sides with Rubiales, who is also one of the vice-presidents of the UEFA Executive Committee.