Salina, the Aeolian festival returns to the world


By John

The festival of Aeolians in the world is back, now in its 11th edition and organized by the Circe association presided over by the historian Marcello Saija with the patronage of the regional tourism department. An event that attracts hundreds of visitors to the island every year, Italians from the United States, Australia and South America. Yesterday evening the demonstration began in Piazza Immacolata in Malfa. Streaming connection established with the Aeolian associations of America and Australia. Films were shown on the history of the Marchetti family from Malfa and on the life of Frank Costa from Valdichiesa. Plaques were offered in memory of the two important Aeolian families.
Open stage applause for the musical narrations performed by Giusy Schilirò (voice) and Fulvio Cama (guitar). Today 1 September at 8.30pm The film Oltremare will be screened in Piazza San Gaetano di Rinella. A debate with director Nello Collereale is planned. Tomorrow Saturday 2 September at 9.30 pm in Piazza Santa Marina on stage Refugees the breath of migrants. Five actors and a singer on stage. On Monday 3 September at 9pm at the Castello theater in Lipari Giusy Schilirò will talk about the life of Rosa Ballistreri.

As every year, guided visits to the Malfa emigration museum are scheduled for the three days. The reception of guests at the embarkation point of the hydrofoils is entrusted to the MadeinSalina warehouse association of the port. In the historic Amanei Gallery on the Santa Marina Salina street an exhibition on emigration.