Salty counter-exodus with expensive flights, ferries and petrol: summers with skyrocketing prices


By John

It’s the summer of high prices the one that is about to end this weekend for another million Italians (11 million on the streets over the weekend according to Anas) after the counter-exodus following August 15th. Those who, for example, were to now look for a flight to return from Sardinia or Sicily on August 27 – Assoutenti verified – would find themselves having to shell out over 300 euros (the most expensive route found is the Cagliari-Bologna route at 390 euros).

But even those who return by car will have the now obvious surprise of finding self-service petrol on the motorway well over 2 euros per liter (2.020 according to today’s Mimit survey) and even in the city the average prices are no joke: the average price high self for petrol among the different regions is still in Basilicata at 1,972 euros. And peaks of up to 2,798 euros are recorded on the A21 Turin-Piacenza for the petrol served. Things are no better for those who choose the ferry from the islands: for a Palermo-Genoa trip – explains Assoutenti for example – 2 adults, 2 children and a car spend 801 euros on 27 August. And increases are also reported for trains: according to the latest Istat data from July the increase is in fact 0.9% monthly and 3% annually. But at least the parking? No: it increased by 2.1% per year.