Sangiuliano, gaffe at Taobuk: “Columbus was inspired by Galileo”. First the protest at the gala evening


By John

“For Sangiuliano, Christopher Columbus, in addition to being a great navigator, was also predictive, 70 years before the birth of Galileo he used his theories to circumnavigate the earth. I would give him a nice history book, but we have a Minister of Culture who not only does not know history, but he doesn’t read. As demonstrated with the Strega prize, where he voted as a juror for books he has never read? So in a note the Avs deputy Angelo Bonelli.

The reference is to what the Minister of Culture said yesterday morning Gennaro Sangiuliano during a meeting with Paolo Conti at Taobuk in Taormina, where he stated verbatim that ”Columbus wanted to reach the Indies by circumnavigating the Earth on the basis of the theories of Galileo Galilei”. However, Galilei was born in Pisa on 15 February 1564 and Columbus began his first journey in August 1492 and died in 1506.

The protest

The minister during the gala evening on Saturday had been contested by a part of the public present at the ancient theater, which had booed him when he was invited on stage to award the Nobel Prize winner Jon Fosse. Boos, then also intended for the President of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani, who was also on stage for the presentation of the Taobuk Awards. The episode was repeated several times, amidst general embarrassment, despite the polite reminders of the president and artistic director of the festival Antonella Ferrara, continuing until the host Massimiliano Ossini recalled, amidst applause, the fact that we were in a place of culture, not deserving of such an attitude. Over 4000 people were present in the theater, including authorities and illustrious guests, Italian and international, from the cultural, artistic and intellectual world.