School dropout in Catanzaro, operational meeting at social policies on reporting methods for non-compliant students


By John

Prevent and combat the phenomenon of school dropout through close consultation between the municipal administration and the world of school, health and justice. With this objective, the Councilor for Social Policies, Giusy Pino, intended to promote an operational meeting on the methods of reporting students who do not comply with the obligation of school education, in light of the recent innovations introduced by the Caivano decree law, on the fight against youth hardship and educational poverty, which has established a harsher penalty for families. Among others, also present Maria Alessandra RubertoPublic Prosecutor at the Juvenile Court of Catanzaro, and numerous school principals in the city.
“With this first meeting we wanted to share the need to implement interventions, which closely concern all the bodies responsible for the protection of minors, to ensure that reports as timely as possible lead to the taking charge of situations of educational fragility and hardship”, highlights Councilor Pino. In particular, the operational guidelines provide that school principals, in the event of repeated unjustified absences of minors from classrooms, activate a report to the Social Policies sector to set in motion the surveillance procedures. In the event of further prolongation of the critical situation, a warning must be issued by the mayor, parents, guardians or those responsible for fulfilling the obligation of education to ensure that the minor is taken into care, also with reference to any specialist health services”.
“With the prosecutor Ruberto – concludes Giusy Pino – the common will to create a task force between all the competent bodies was underlined, in order to ensure the timely application of the legal measures and avoid the risk that students who do not comply with the compulsory schooling may definitively abandon their educational path. A commitment that assumes contents of profound social and educational value and that we hope will find the maximum convergence of all the administrations”.