Second consecutive defeat for Cosenza in a match with two faces: Tutino’s penalty was not enough


By John

Cosenza-Ternana 1-3

Markers: 5′ st Casasola, 10′ (penalty) Tutino, 15′ and 23′ Raimondo.
Cosenza (4-2-3-1): Micai 5.5; Cimino 5 (24′ st D’Orazio 5.5), Meroni 4.5, Sgarbi 4.5, Martino 5.5; Praszelik 5.5, Calò 5; Canotto 6.5 (36′ st Forte 5.5) Mazzocchi 5 (30′ st Voca 5.5), Florenzi 6 (25′ st Marras 5.5); Onesie 6.5. All.: Caserta.
Ternana (4-3-1-2): Iannarilli 5.5; Diakite 7, Sorensen 5.5, Lucchesi 6; Casasola 7 (32′ st Mantovani sv), De Boer 5.5 (25′ st Dionisi 6), Labojko 6, Celli 5 (1′ st Favasuli 6.5); Falletti 6.5 (38′ st Luperini sv); Raimondo 7.5, Di Stefano 6.5 (25′ st Pyynthia 6). All.: Breda.
Referee: Perenzoni of Rovereto 6.
Note. Calò sent off in the 27th minute. Booked: Celli, De Boer, Florenzi, Sorensen, Favasuli, Marras. Corners: 11-4. Recovery: 2′; 5′.

Second consecutive defeat for Cosenza. The team of Fabio Caserta unable to recover after last Sunday’s defeat against Catanzaro. The rossoblù also give up the three points to Ternana in a two-faced match. The Sila team played in the first half, building but not realizing their clear supremacy, also thanks to Tutino’s seventh pole of the season.
Then, in the second half, a film already seen is repeated. Ternana passes immediately with Casasola, freed by a shot from a cross from Favasuli from the opposite side (4′). Cosenza responds with the penalty converted by Tutino (foul by Sorensen on Florenzi) but it is not enough because a worrying fragility emerges. Sgarbi, not very decisive, paves the way for Raimondo to score the 2-1 (not even Meroni manages to make up for his teammate’s mistake). Three by Raimondo, on which Cimino is late in the diagonal, after a descent by Diakité. Pitch darkness underlined by Calò’s expulsion for a few too many words to the referee Perenzoni. D’Orazio and his teammates booed at the end of the match.