Sector B is changing its face, the “sports city” of Crotone is taking shape


By John

“This is a new beginning for all those who want to play sports in Crotone”. Ayoub Idam who completes the first lap of the track of the brand new Sector B athletics facility holding the tricolor is the most emblematic image of a splendid day. For athletes and for the Pythagorean city.
No one better than the middle-distance runner born in Morocco and always from Crotone, one of the strongest runners in a country that still doesn't want to recognize his nationality, can understand the importance and value of a facility like the one inaugurated yesterday morning in via Gioacchino da Fiore. «It's really a lot of stuff – he says –. Better than many top-level slopes in the North. We are finally on par with the rest of Italy and can train properly.”
So a lot of stuff. Which is exactly what you read on their faces hundreds of colorful kids who competed to try out the track, the synthetic football pitch, to study every corner of the new latest generation multi-purpose sports facility.