Seizure of assets worth 125 thousand euros for tax crimes from a company in Rosarno


By John

The Financiers of the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria, with the coordination of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Palmi directed by Emanuele Crescenti, have implemented a provision issued by the GIP of the local Court which orders the application of the real precautionary measure of the seizure of movable and immovable assets for an amount of over 125,000 euros, against a company from Rosarno (RC) and its legal representative.

In particular, based on the results of the investigations carried out so far and without prejudice to subsequent assessments regarding the effective and definitive assessment of responsibility in the subsequent phases of the proceedings, the Judicial Authority has ordered the seizure of the Company's financial resources, as well as the assets movables and immovables attributable to his legal representative, for a total value of €125,784.

The investigations carried out by the Fiamme Gialle of the Palmi Company, initiated following a report from the Revenue Agency, made it possible to reconstruct the amount of taxes relating to the year 2016, for which the Company did not submit the required declarations to the VAT and II.DD purposes. It also emerged that the legal representative of the company in question, despite having received the invitation to start the assessment procedure with acceptance, never took steps to regularize his tax position. At the end of the investigations, therefore, the Palmi investigating judge ordered the seizure of the evaded sums.