Serious accident in Amantea, woman hit by a truck dies


By John

Conditions immediately appeared desperate. Unfortunately, the woman who was involved in a tragic accident along State Road 18 near Campora San Giovanni late yesterday morning has died. For reasons yet to be understood, the woman, Rosaria Russo, born in 1956, he collided with a large truck driven by a worker originally from Cetraro.
The crash was terrible, so much so that it also attracted the attention of residents in the area. After rushing to the scene, the 118 health workers requested the intervention of the air ambulance for emergency transport to the Annunziata in Cosenza. But there was nothing that could be done for the sixty-eight year old: the injuries sustained in the collision were too serious and deep. Her death occurred around 3pm.
The community of Aiello Calabro, her city of origin and the place where she lived, rallied around the woman’s family. The Carabinieri of the Amantea station, again at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paola, placed the truck under seizure, so as to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident and understand the causes that led to the death of the Aiellese citizen.