Solidarity: success in Messina for the show “Dance and music beyond barriers”


By John

Great success in a crowded Annibale Maria Di Francia theater in Messina, for the solidarity “format” ‘Dance and music beyond barriers’ with disabled and able-bodied artists, who performed with moments of dance, music and entertainment. The event conceived by the blind Andrea La Fauci and now in its thirteenth edition, was this year dedicated to his uncle Ciccio Soraci who was a teacher of life for him and helped him in difficult moments. The organizers Marco Bonanno (President of the Bambini speciali association and exponent of Cittadinanzattiva, autism area) and Claudio Cardile (President of the Il volo association) were satisfied and underlined: “the validity of all the projects that are being carried out in our city ​​for autistic children and disabled children”. Andrea La Fauci highlighted both the importance of all able-bodied people “getting rid of all physical and cultural barriers, trying to identify with the problems of the disabled, but at the same time, “he hoped that disabled people would also stop to be ashamed of their handicap and are also able to break down mental barriers to live well with themselves and with others”. “The same thing – he added – goes for parents, who no longer have to hide, so as not to make others understand that they have a disabled person at home, and must live as normal a life as possible with their children without precluding anything and doing thus making normal people aware of the potential of a disabled person”. Immediately afterwards, the councilor for Social Policies Alessandra Calafiore spoke, illustrating the projects that the municipal administration is carrying out for disabled and autistic people and mentioning the Interpares project, the Mortelle day center and the various projects in the City of lad. You then stated: “There have been many projects that we will implement thanks to the Pnrr, as in the case of ‘after us’”. Then it was the turn of the disabled person, Orazio Vadalà, who explained the problems of people in wheelchairs, given the many architectural barriers that exist in our city. “I ask – he stated – for greater sensitivity to people and institutions”. Furthermore, the journalist Gianluca Rossellini, who also presented the evening, underlined how “the social inclusion of disabled people implies that every person with difficulties in their personal and social autonomy must not suffer different and degrading treatments, must not live or work in separate places, but must have the same opportunities for participation and involvement in the choices that concern them”. Also interesting were the interventions by Mimmo Italiano of the ‘Sostegno’ association and by Dr. Caterina Rocca, president of the ‘E-duco’ cooperative, who promoted the importance of their work in helping children with handicap. Then Mrs. Mariana Tataru, dog educator, took the stage, explaining the relevance of Animal-Assisted Interventions (IAA commonly called “Pet Therapy”) to improve the conditions and quality of life of healthy people or those suffering from disabilities or psychophysical disorders. , and then gave a live demonstration with his trained dog Joy. Numerous disabled and non-disabled artists performed on stage with beautiful performances: the dance school of the Sostegno association led by the disabled Mimmo Italiano; guitarist Josè Ortega; the singer Daniela Rando, with her husband Carlo Giappi, guitarist. Rando sang two songs written by Andrea La Fauci: “Storia Di Un Sogno” and “Il Mio Angelo”, the first dedicated to his late wife Giovanna Rando and the second dedicated to his beloved aunt Pina Soraci; the choreographies of Laura Spadaro’s ASD Full Dance dance school are very spectacular, curated by teachers Giusi Squadrito, Aurora Urso and Regina De Luca; Finally, the performances of the blind singer Francesca Patania and the martial arts school ‘Ai Ki Tai Karate Club’ of Maestro Valentino Venturella were much applauded.

Touching moments when Andrea La Fauci took to the stage, to remember some friends who participated in past editions and are now no longer here: Nico Zancle, actor and director from Messina who presented the first edition of the show; Orazio Visalli’s band “blind” with Mimmo Cappello and Nino Maganza. The master guitarist Salvatore Barbera was also remembered, with his sister Cetti Barbera also speaking on stage. At the end of the evening, the organizers and the creator of the show handed over the proceeds from the charity evening to Mimmo Italiano, representative of the Sostegno association, and to Dr. Caterina Rocca, president of the E-duco cooperative.