State road 106, Falcomatà leads the mayors’ sit-in: “We demand the right to safe and modern mobility”


By John

The metropolitan mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà participated in the procession of CGIL, CISL, UIL and the administrators of the Locride municipalities for the defense and relaunch of State Road 106.
«A feasibility project is not enough. We need to run, move forward, do something more for State Highway 106 and for these 147 kilometers of territory where citizens, mayors and Calabrians who demand rights, security and development live and work.” With these words, Mayor Falcomatà opened the demonstration by thanking “the triple union for having raised attention to a real and felt problem in an important part of the region”.

«With this demonstration – he said – the mayors of the area ask the Region and Anas to assume responsibility so that the modernization project finally sees the light. The resources are there and, if necessary, they must adapt to the particular economic situation and the increase in prices and materials. It is nice that today’s mobilization involves several Calabrian provinces at the same time because the united voice of the communities is increasingly stronger.”

«While we are here demonstrating – added Mayor Falcomatà – a delegation of regional councilors from Reggio Emilia, led by the Honorable Giovanni Muraca, is in the offices of the Calabria Region, in Catanzaro, to verify the situation and proceed in a manner coordinated and synergistic”.

«I hope and am convinced – concluded the metropolitan mayor – that this spirit, in which the interests of the territory prevail, will also continue with respect to differentiated autonomy, another important issue to be addressed and contrasted with those who have the duty to defend the district. If it became law, this reform would create a rift and an irreparable gap with the regions of the Centre-North. At that point, it would be useless to talk about infrastructure and development projects in a territory that the Government wants divided.”