«Suggestions from the set» is back, a format dedicated to soundtracks


By John

Important anniversary for «Suggestions from the set», an event on the show and its protagonists conceived and hosted by the journalist from Messina Marco Bonardelliwhich returns with its tenth edition to the Rome Film Festival this afternoon (3.15 pm) in the “Lazio Terra di Cinema” Space of the Lazio Region, atEnnio Morricone Music Park Auditorium.
The event has been present at the Capitoline event since 2019, after the years in which it took place in Messina at the Feltrinelli Point.
«From Rome to the South. A bridge in music with the great soundtrack composers» is the theme chosen for this year, which identifies an ideal link between places and talents, a bridge that the great soundtrack composers, mostly southerners, they created, defining atmospheres and places of cinematographic narration through their music.
The musicians Franco Micalizzi, chosen author of EB Clucher, Umberto Lenzi, Bruno Corbucci will dialogue with Bonardelli; Paolo Buonvino, originally from Scordia (Catania), who wrote music for Gabriele Muccino, Roberto Faenza, Michele Placido; Michele Braga, composer of the films by Gabriele Mainetti and Roberto Andò (“The Strangeness”); Giuliano Taviani, author of the soundtracks of Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Luca Lucini, Lucio Pellegrini, often paired with Carmelo Travia from Lipari, and Maurizio Filardo, from Castelvetrano (Trapani), composer for Paolo Genovese, Massimiliano Bruno, Rolando Ravello.
Promoted by Suggestioni Press, the event is sponsored by the ACMF – Film Music Composers Association – represented by the president Roberto Pischiutta aka Pivio, present at the debate, author of music for Manetti Bros., Alessandro D’Alatri, Alessandro Gassmann, in couple with Aldo De Scalzi.
There are many guests expected, all entertainment professionals, as in previous years.