“Super Santos (One who made it)” by Paternoster: another national premiere at the Cortile Teatro Festival


By John

Another national premiere for the third appointment with the XII edition of the Messina Cortile Teatro Festival. On Monday 31 July it will be staged in the eighteenth-century courtyard of Palazzo Calapaj – D’Alcontres (8.45 pm) “Super Santos (One who made it)”, which had hitherto only been performed in study form (dramaturg Simone Faloppa). Interpreter, author and director is one of the most interesting Italian artists: Donato Paternoster, who sums up his show, inspired by a true story: «A promise of provincial football, a boy who in the 90s gave up his boots and Serie A to return to the world barefoot, as a Franciscan friar. How could that happen? What does it mean to choose? Each of us sometimes thinks he can assign himself a vocation, to get drunk on the illusions of the world. But aren’t success, money and eternal youth the only parameters of social respectability? Is it really good and right to exalt ourselves in this new Middle Ages in which we live? Which celebration, which liturgy in our life is a source of joy? La mano de Dios!? A lie! I think it’s time for choices. I think Maradona and San Francesco have spoken. I hope. And I believe that perhaps in the lightness of the feet… the very essence of God breathes».

Donato Paternoster was born in Gravina in Puglia in 1980. In 1996 he began his career as an actor with the permanent theater of Bari. In 2002 he moved to Rome and with the company Le Vignacce under the direction of maestro Vito Cipolla he is an actor and manager of the Teatro Stabile M. Fiorani of Canale Monterano (RM). In 2010 he founded the Collettivo Internoenki in Rome with Terry Paternoster, an independent theater company for the research and development of contemporary theatre. He creates Medea Big OIL winner of the scenario award for Ustica 2013 and Amoressia by Federico Cervigni. Since the 2016/17 season, he has been working and collaborating with the director and actor Michele Sinisi, well known to the audience of the Cortile Teatro Festival, realizing: “Miseria e Nobiltà”, “I Promessi sposi”, “Masseria delle Allodole”, “Six characters in search author”, “La grande binge” and the two-year workshop project “Showreel”.

The Cortile Teatro Festival program will continue on Monday 7 August with the new production of Nutrimenti Terrestri, “La grande lie”, written and directed by Claudio Fava and performed by David Coco. The title refers to the theft of truth that the country has suffered on the death of Paolo Borsellino. The second part of the exhibition will then continue in the Iris Area.