Taormina, Badia Vecchia for sale: protests and controversies

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By John

«A choice without a reasoned and well-founded basis, given that in the resolution there is no explanation or motivation other than the usual cliché that says nothing, i.e. “the Administration deemed it appropriate to modify”».
Criticism also comes from the former mayor of Taormina, Mario Bolognarito the decision of the municipal administration to modify the plan for the sale of municipal assets by including the former “La Giara” and Badia Vecchia properties in the list, approving a resolution that will have to be submitted to the municipal council, the body that has the power to make this change.
«The Badia Vecchia is a monumental asset of great importance, restricted by the State, whose alienation cannot occur with a flip of paper and without an in-depth debate – the minority councilor points out – in my opinion, regardless of any reasoning, it should not be touched, rather its recovery for public cultural use must be attempted, decided from the Taormina community”.