Taurianova “Book Capital”, notice for the three phases of the program


By John

For the composition of the cultural program of the route “Taurianova Capital of the Book 2024”the municipal administration led by mayor Roy Biasi will look at the territory.
Yesterday, the Municipality has published a public notice for the expression of interest for the creation of events to be included in the program of events that will take place from May until the following April 2025, when Taurianova will pass the baton to the next city “Capital of the Book” .
An action promoted by the Department of Culture led by Maria Fedele which, in the general idea, «strengthens the idea of ​​territorial animation as a service aimed at all citizens of any social group to be achieved through the use of the city's public spaces».

The invitation is addressed to associations, public and private entities, educational institutions, sports associations: these must communicate their candidature on plain paper, accompanied by the draft of the project they intend to carry out, in order “to structure a common program ».