Towards the Paris Olympics: Velasco recalls Paola Egonu to the national team


By John

Paola Egonu returns to the national team. The new technical commissioner of the Italian women's volleyball team, Julio Velascodecided to summon Egonu in the list of 30 players who can be used during the 2024 Volleyball Nations League. Egonu, 25 years old, opposite of Pro Victoria Monza, had been excluded from the national team by the previous coach Davide Mazzanti. Also returning to Italy for libero Monica De Gennaro and spiker Caterina Bosetti.
The Volleyball Nations League this year will represent a key event of the season because it will qualify the Nations not yet qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Italy currently occupies fifth position (338.7 points) in the world ranking and is the best national team classified among those not yet qualified for the Games. The five places still available will be assigned based on the world ranking as of June 17th at the end of the group stage of the Volleyball Nations League.