The Acr denies the debt with the Municipality of Messina and relaunches: “We are the creditors”


By John

«Acr Messina has not accrued any debt with the Municipality of Messina, on the contrary it boasts credits against Palazzo Zanca. Furthermore, the company has not received any judicial document from the Municipality’s lawyer”. This is how the Giallorossi company replies, relying on the words of the vice president Matteo Sciotto (ironically, the mayor’s party “colleague”.), to the news on the legal action initiated by the Municipality of Messina against the Acr for the recovery of unpaid sums for the use of stadiums in the last two seasons (almost 175 thousand euros).

“It is astonishing that a press organ disseminates such information in such a delicate moment for Acr Messina and which only aim to create disagreements and undermine the tranquility of a company that has set itself the objective of relaunching the football in Messina. News that doesn’t do anyone any good, including the team that has been training for almost three weeks in Sila to better prepare for the new competitive season. Information that only creates unjustified alarm tending to disturb the square. We also add that there is a constructive dialogue with the Municipality of Messina, so much so that today we heard from the administrators with whom an immediate meeting was agreed to define every aspect concerning the relationship between the main city football club and the Municipality in the context of mutual correct collaboration to achieve the sporting goals that an important city like Messina deserves».

Let’s reassure the company and the vice president Sciotto: this press body has no interest in creating disagreements or anything else, the sole purpose is to provide news. Public information, emerging from public documents, regularly available to all citizens on the praetorian register of the Municipality (the council resolution is number 379 of 27 July, published two days ago by Palazzo Zanca, to be precise). No alarmism, therefore, but simply news.