The alien? They may already be living among us underground. The surprising study by Harvard researchers


By John

A new study led by Harvard social science researchers proposes a surprising theory: there could be extraterrestrial life forms that have been hiding on Earth for some time.

The study's authors, from Harvard's Program for Human Well-Being, suggest that such life forms could exist underground or even inside the Moon. Furthermore, the UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena), previously known as UFOs, may not be simple aerial phenomena but capable of moving even underwater.

The flight characteristics of these UAPs, which include sudden maneuvers and levitation capabilities without visible propulsion systems, defy the laws of conventional aerodynamics. The shapes observed range from spheres to disks, to triangles and other geometries.

Air Force veteran David Grusch recently reignited the debate by declaring that a secret US military program had found the remains of non-human spaceships. According to a 2023 report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, there were 510 UAP cases sighted in 2022, up from 366 in 2021.

Harvard scholars have explored four main theories about how these alien presences could coexist unnoticed among us. The most conventional theory hypothesizes an ancient and technologically advanced human civilization. Another theory suggests the existence of a non-human civilization that secretly evolved on Earth. Other hypotheses include the presence of aliens or humans from the future and finally, the most imaginative theory, that of “magical crypto-terrestrials“, comparable to mythological figures such as fairies and elves.

Although most experts reject the idea that UAPs are evidence of extraterrestrial activity, researchers urge us not to underestimate these possibilities, proposing an approach of epistemic humility and open-mindedness. Indeed, while the existence of extraterrestrials is considered plausible, belief in fairy-like entities is generally considered less scientifically acceptable.

These reflections open up new and intriguing questions about the nature of the universe and the possible coexistence with life forms not yet understood or discovered.