The Calabria Region is focusing on female employment and tourism with two tenders of 6 million euros each


By John

“Today we illustrate the Women’s Business Fundthe public notice, currently being published, for support for the astart of new entrepreneurial initiatives by women and we relaunch the Kaire Calabria call, dedicated to workers in the tourism sector. Our hope is to create jobs in our Region. I reiterate serious, regular, paid and quality work. These are two other important pieces that are part of the ambitious Job Plan in which we are investing heavily and at the same time we are using resources for professional training of fundamental importance to have competent workers. We continue to invest in work which represents the most important problem we have in Calabria and in the Central South and we do so by dedicating important resources in the tourism sector and in female employment. We want to put in place, with the collaboration of trade associations, businesses and trade unions, the conditions to create stable jobs and give Calabrians the opportunity to work in Calabria”.

He said itregional councilor for work and professional training, Giovanni Calabreseintroducing the meeting with the press, which took place today in the regional Citadel in Catanzaro, and which was also attended by the president of Unindustria Calabria, Aldo Ferrara, the president of Federalberghi, Fabrizio D’Agostino, and the general manager of the regional labor department, Fortunato Varone.

General manager Varone focused on the technical aspects of the two tenders.

“The Women’s Business Fund – she specified – concerns the granting of loans at a subsidized rate and non-refundable contributions, for activities to be carried out in the territory of the Calabria region, aimed at unemployed women, unemployed people, people with disabilities and at risk of discrimination, workers who benefit of social safety nets, who have already followed and completed phases A and B of the “Yes I Startup Calabria Donne support and self-entrepreneurship path”, or who have already established a new business with a predominantly female composition and management less than 12 months ago. The initial financial allocation is 6 million euros, the granting of the overall financing is a maximum of 62,500 euros”.

“The Kaire Calabria Notice – added Varone – provides for measures aimed at improving access to the labor market and promoting access to employment for the unemployed, with a financial allocation available, on the opening date of the second desk, equal to 6,525,847 euros. Incentives for the employment of disadvantaged, very disadvantaged unemployed workers and workers with disabilities are granted to companies operating in the tourism sector. The object of granting of the employment incentive will be employment contracts stipulated both for a fixed term, with a duration of no less than 3 months and for an indefinite period”.

President Ferrara underlined the importance of supporting tourism and women hiring. “I think the one on tourism is particularly important – he stated – because it responds to a need for employment in our region, both for fixed-term contracts and, above all, for permanent ones. Doing this in the tourism sector, which is a vocational, strategic sector, which is a business card for Calabria, is an added value. The measurement of self-employment and female entrepreneurship is also very important, also because it is necessary to reduce not only territorial gaps but also gender gaps. We will do our part to the end so that these tenders achieve the results they deserve.”

“These two activities – D’Agostino finally underlined – give us the possibility of planning the world of tourism in Calabria which for us is a very important segment which, together with food and wine and the construction system, will be able to give a strong boost to the regional economy”.

The notices can be consulted at the following link